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What to do after landing in Hong Kong? You are lucky to experience one of the best transport systems on earth. Hong Kong transportation after arrival is simple and you can cut it to moments, if you will follow a few tips and tricks. Do you want to know more? Continue Reading

How To Date a Traveler 3 Practical Advice - Garlowski

How To Date a Traveler? 3 Practical Advice

Dating a Traveler is not an easy task. The previous article ##0;Never Date a Traveler #11; unless you can keep up with them##1; was preparing for what will happen. This article will be about practical advice: what to do if you already date a traveler. You might have thought before that it won#17;t be such a big problem, or your partner decided to travel meanwhile. Nevertheless you don#17;t want to stop him/her from realizing own dreams. What can you do to keep the relationship?

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Never Date a Traveler #11; unless you can keep up with them

Always on their way. Always ready for a spontaneous adventure. Always running from the daily routine. Travelers can give you a headache and not much explanation.

They are free spirits. People who won#17;t be satisfied with common office work #11; 8 hours long shift, 5 days a week. They will sit in front of their desk planning new trips and how can they earn their living when they will finally quit. Oh, that feeling #11; quitting a job to start a new adventure. Parents are blushing when they meet neighbours, few friends are sure you got mad and some teachers call you a failure. Meanwhile, you sit with a cup of coffee in the end of the world, taking deep breaths and thinking:

##0;This is what I was born for.##1;

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